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Creating a 21st Century Win-Win Economy

The economic systems of the world are in need of change! This book gives a whole new read on the proper macroeconomic philosophy and reduces bipartisanship to consequently create a win-win economic vision.

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The Mission, Premise and Promise of CPE

CPE will promote the correct macroeconomic understanding, mainly through economic validation, that joins business with government, educators, environmentalists, civic and philanthropic leaders to create a quality global economy and community.

We cannot have a politically democratic society
without economic democracy!

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Jobs Are Dying

published on June 17, 2015 by admin

Almost two hundred years ago, the Luddites were an organized group that was violently protesting against losing their jobs to the machines during the industrial revolution. They were right, but two hundred years too soon. The productivity increases did create more jobs but not enough well paying ones to support the dramatic increase in capacity. […]

Clarification of the Minimum Wage

published on February 25, 2015 by admin

There have been numerous articles discussing minimum wage regulation. The argument against them is a microeconomic one that it hurts the bottom line of businesses and will cause them to lay off employees. The question is how far down do wages have to get before we get to slave labor for them to be happy. […]

It’s the Economy Stupid

published on September 24, 2014 by admin

The title of this article was a slogan in the 1992 Clinton campaign. Have you ever wondered why you continually see changes in democratically elected governments from right to left and from left to right and then switching back again? You see this on a global basis not just in the USA. Were those leaders […]

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