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Everyone has the right to be a quality consumer/citizen by having a non-slave wage or an adequate income to create a quality global economy.

  • Everyone has the basic right to breathe quality air
  • Everyone has the basic right to drink quality water.
  • Everyone has the basic right to adequate nutrition.
  • Everyone has the right to reasonable shelter.
  • Everyone has the right to adequate healthcare.
  • Everyone has the right to a quality education.

CARE and PROTECTION of Customers/Clients/Consumers/Citizens

To have a quality economy, the most important thing is not how much people have on the top but how much people have at the bottom to be a quality c/c/c/c.

In this age of non scarcity, a quality c/c/c/c is a healthy person or family that has minimum necessities of life funded by a federal government that allows them to work for extra funds to purchase additional desired goods and services and save some extra for retirement.

Can you image how many great c/c/c/c,  businesses can have by eliminating most health insurance costs with Medicare for all, food expenses with food stamps for most, some sort of residential subsides for most and no or low cost education through college.

Then eliminating all Federal income and pay roll taxes on all families making a $100,000 or less, they will be able to consume without much credit except for large items like homes and cars.   This can be accomplished when funding is provided by the monetary system along with taxes and usage fees.

It is up to business and government to have established policies for the care and protection of their c/c/c/c which includes their employees.  Implementation and ownership will still be in mainly private hands avoiding a socialistic state.