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  • Capitalism is a wonderful freedom-oriented and wealth-building system. It is the best economic system on earth but it is NOT PERFECT.
  • Economies need checks and balances for successful operations just like the government.
  • Reduce competition based on minimizing wages as it reduces the number of quality customers.
  • Insure more long-range planning by business and government – i.e. infrastructure, education, and environment – long-term versus short-term profits.
  • Promote competition by limiting and/or regulating monopolies and oligopolies.
  • Balancing the Federal budget is irrelevent with a diversified monetary creation system paying for many programs and projects.  The only statistic that really counts is excess inflation.
  • Government spending is not anti-growth it is a recirculation (redistribution) program that aids the economy. It provides for an ample supple of quality customers.
  • Government policies need to encourage and not hinder business formations, operations, incentives, initiative, innovation, productivity, investment, competition, research and development.
  • Government needs to insure a level playing field in the business environment to insure competition.
  • Governments need to insure Property Rights are always protected while also protecting human rights and community interests (i.e. the rule of law).
  • Governments should not over regulate the good but look more for the bad and increase their penalties.
  • Taxation should not be based on how much one pays but how much one has left over to raise a family – be a quality customer – and save for retirement. Progressive Income and Estate taxation are the fairest taxes as they are based more on the ability to pay.  Taxes for most can be reduced by paying for programs and projects with the monetary system.  Increasing taxes reduces the excess inflationary risk.
  • We need to compete on a global basis by protecting the wages of our customers and encouraging other countries to do the same. This is accomplished by a change in our current tariff charges and by encouraging the formation of labor unions.
  • Insure there is an ample supply and diversity of access to capital from our monetary system with interest and equity return.  Create  new  money without creating debt.
  • Moderate Inflation is good. Excess Inflation is bad.
  • Beware of economic statistics and formulas.
  • Encourage ownership and financial education by all.
  • The government can fund it but it does not have to run it. Governments can fund, regulate and operate certain functions if they do not lend themselves to market competition.
  • The question is not more or less government involvement in the economy but the right government involvement in the economy.
  • Implement a variable maximum percentage interest that can be charged on loans, so that we can avoid usury in our credit system.