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Quick Summary of Macroeconomic Solutions


  1. Complete reform of the Monetary System by bringing back the power of creating money to Congress without debt, similar to the power to spend.  Eliminate all interest on the National Debt by converting it to cash or 0% interest Treasuries. Start paying for an extensive number of programs through the monetary system not the fiscal system. Thus reducing taxes on a large majority of families while solving some of our major problems of the environment and inequality. This reduces usury and excessive flow of money to the banks instead of the main stream economy. (See the Monetary Reform Section)
  2. Increase the research and enforcement of our anti-trust laws to eliminate or regulate the many different types of monopolies and oligopolies to insure competitive (free) markets.
  3.  Significantly reduce competition worldwide based on long working hours by inadequately compensated laborers to insure a large global quality customer/client/consumer base.  Using effective regulations, unions, tariffs and quality customer minimum wages.
  4. Reduce wage pressures on businesses; provide them a large quality customer base and reduce inequality by providing the basic necessities of living in a modern economy.  Provide most of the funding for 90%+ of the population for the following:  healthcare, education (preschool –grade 14), food (by supplying enough food stamps), mass transit, and a small stipend for shelter and other needs.  This is paid for by complete monetary reform and effective taxes on businesses and the 1% (including the Tobin Tax).
  5. Increase the consumer base by eliminating all Federal income and payroll taxes on at least the first $60,000 of all earnings.  Eliminate the payroll tax and integrate it into the income tax brackets.  Make interest and dividends taxed at the same rates as all other income.  Separate the capital gains taxation from the regular income tax calculation, make it more progressive by lowering the initial rates and slightly increasing the top brackets.
  6. Make the corporate tax rate more competitive by lowering the maximum rate to 10-15% on profits and adding a small tax (1-5%) on gross profits and/or revenue on only domestic sales on all companies foreign and domestic.  Make the cash dividends tax deductible to the corporations encouraging long range performance and reducing the bias on debt versus equity financing.  These changes will help eliminate the need for tax havens and shelters.
  7. Collect more government usage fees from wealthy domestic and foreign companies and governments using its services including the military.
  8. Produce more democracy between shareholders and management in public companies.  This is improving corporate “governance”.
  9. Create the Efficient Medicare Act to make the delivery of all medical care more efficient and lower cost without reducing care.  This will lead the way for the efficiency of the entire health care industry reducing the need to continually and substantially raise health insurance premiums.  Include the ability to shop pharmaceuticals.
  10. Make Social Security a better recirculation program.  (See Social Security article).