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Inequality and Solutions

There are many reasons why inequality exists in an economy.  Before I give my laundry list, I will discuss some general macroeconomic reasons.  One, we are NOT created equal!  We have many different talents, abilities, appearances along with unique emotional and physical makeups. Second, the institution of capitalism-competitive markets by its sheer nature of operation […]

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Libertarians – Historically Ignorant

Since the current Republican debates always discuss “limited or no government,” I thought I would discuss the macroeconomic history of laissez faire – libertarianism of the last 150 years.  This philosophy has many followers because it sounds simple and accurate.  Unfortunately, this is far from the actual failures in practice.  These long term failures can […]

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“Competitive Markets” NOT “Free Markets!

Let’s stop calling our system of economics “Free Markets”. Let us label and strive for “Competitive Markets”. There are all types of markets but there is definitely no such thing as free markets. There is always some individuals, companies, countries and cartels influencing markets. Competition helps overcome this influence and control of markets. What is […]

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Dependence on Foreign Oil

The statement “Reduce our Dependence on Foreign Oil” does not make economic sense.  Does this mean we stop burning up their oil and start burning up more of our oil?  I would rather keep our oil for future needs and burn theirs!  Oil is a finite asset.  We will need it far in the future […]

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