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Taxing Big Oil & Corp.

One of the big factors in taxation policy is “collectability” of the tax. The wealthy businesses and individuals can always hirer attorneys and CPAs to find different ways around any legislation and regulations. Therefore simplicity is a very important factor. The “Center” recommends a more simplistic approach while still collecting the same amount or more […]

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Fiscal-A QUICK FIX FOR THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS: Retooling our tax system

         Our present federal tax code is unjustifiably complex and full of loopholes for the rich.  Although the original and primary rationale for the graduated income tax, which is the heart of the code, was to alleviate economic inequality, the machinery is now stuffed with provisions added over the years by special interests  – […]

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Americans love to complain about their high income tax rates, both Federal and State, but an analysis of the nominal tax code rates and the actual tax rates after all exemptions, deductions and special tax rates for capital gains, etc, are quite different. The source for the data presented in this article was published by […]

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Gas Taxes

Raising gas prices as most economic events have both benefits and negatives.  Four dollar plus ($4+) a gallon gas has finally gotten people and government to realize that conservation is needed to help the environment and preserve a natural resource that has a finite life.  It is a valuable resource needed as a non fuel, […]

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Business Taxes

The Sunday political shows make for interesting economic comments.  I heard a Republican Governor from Wisconsin state that business taxes are passed on directly to the consumer.  I have heard this several times.  Like many economic comments it is true and false, but it is very misleading.   Many taxes are taken from the business […]

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Captial Gains Rate

I have decided for my initial postings will be related to the economic issues coming out of the presidential campaign. At the recent ABC primary debate, Senator Obama was questioned on his policy proposal of increasing the rate on capital gains taxes.  They said it would decrease total revenue generated from this tax.  He gave […]

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