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It’s the Economy Stupid

The title of this article was a slogan in the 1992 Clinton campaign. Have you ever wondered why you continually see changes in democratically elected governments from right to left and from left to right and then switching back again? You see this on a global basis not just in the USA. Were those leaders […]

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Have you ever noticed that the economic academics and pundits on television and in print are very confusing, opaque and paradoxical?  They use terms like growth, growth rate and GDP to describe the status of an economy that are nebulous and have defused meanings.  I call this “Econo Speak”.   They also never use the word […]

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Baxter is Here!

Baxter is a new robot that has two major differences than other robots. It is very inexpensive and can work with humans without hurting them. Its total cost is $22,000, lasts for 3 years which comes to a total cost of less than $4 an hour. It does not need vacations, breaks, nor takes the […]

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Economics for Democrats

This website is to educate, clarify, define and defend the economic philosophy of the Democratic Party. It is not the usual text and debate on fiscal policy: what to spend and how to tax. This is up to government operational debate, although a relatively balanced Federal budget is always optimum, except in times of war, […]

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