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Have you ever noticed that the economic academics and pundits on television and in print are very confusing, opaque and paradoxical?  They use terms like growth, growth rate and GDP to describe the status of an economy that are nebulous and have defused meanings.  I call this “Econo Speak”.   They also never use the word […]

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Inequality and Solutions

There are many reasons why inequality exists in an economy.  Before I give my laundry list, I will discuss some general macroeconomic reasons.  One, we are NOT created equal!  We have many different talents, abilities, appearances along with unique emotional and physical makeups. Second, the institution of capitalism-competitive markets by its sheer nature of operation […]

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Monetary System for the 21st Century

 Have you noticed only one Presidential candidate is debating Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve – the Libertarian Ron Paul.  The only other one is the far left, past Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich by introducing  HR 2990 “The NEED Act”.   It is very hard to understand why because it was the 100% cause of […]

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There are over 200 million people unemployed in the world.  This figure does not include the under employed and under paid.  The latest Gallup Underemployment Index now stands at 19% of the global work force.  Why is this happening??  The major reason is that the private sectors production of goods and services including agriculture is […]

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S&P – So What!

    Standard and Poor’s was established in 1860 and was bought by the publishing giant McGraw-Hill in 1966.  It is the largest of three major credit rating agencies-companies in the country.  The other two are Moody’s and Fitch.   A large part of the revenues that is generated by these companies actually comes form […]

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