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There are over 200 million people unemployed in the world.  This figure does not include the under employed and under paid.  The latest Gallup Underemployment Index now stands at 19% of the global work force.  Why is this happening??  The major reason is that the private sectors production of goods and services including agriculture is […]

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The end of the space shuttle program brings a discussion on its economic value.  Of course, many discoveries have come from the space program, and more will come from the space station.  It did hire many employees over the decades.  These employees were good cutomers helping areas like California, Florida and Texas.  Could these space […]

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Social Security Reform-A View from the Bottom

Once the health care legislation is finished the debate will turn to Social Security.  Hopefully the following will provide you with some understanding of the debate. There have been many studies and analysis in the past to solve the Social Security (SS) shortage.  I have read and reviewed the many solutions. The following is a […]

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Trickle Up vs Trickle Down Economics

Laissez-Faire economic philososphy prescribes a very limited government involvement in the economy.  According to laissez-faire theory, the marketplace is relatively perfect, solves all economic problems and raises the standard living of all.  We label this philosophy today as Libertarian.  Libertarians contend that the proposperity generated by businesses at the top of the economic latter will […]

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I want to pose a question in an effort to state the obvious.  Why is it that when business people get together to push forward their interests they are called the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau?  But when working people get together to do the same thing, they are called communists or […]

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